The scans from the LUMC were in, downloaded and ready to work with. To make a printable file the scan needed to be ONE surface, the problem still was that the CT scans gave us an image which consisted out of multiple smaller surfaces. A lot of cleaning needed to be done, but how. Rhino is a beautiful modelling program but when it comes to meshes it offers us not so much, and so the next search for a modelling program which could model meshes in a quick and easy manner began. After downloading multiple trails, and have tried many programs we found the savior, geomagic. Geomagic offers many platforms on which you can work with meshes. This is where we found the program which we use by now. The program deforms the mesh into a clay shape which could be stretched and moulded. We patched the holes in the model, made it a solid and converted into a smooth and beautiful STL file. Now the real work began…….

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