A bit offsetting


Each and every model that is used in anatomy classes uses colours to give a visual representation of the oxygen deprived and enriched parts of the heart. This is also what we wanted to create in our model, give a good representation of which part of the heart does what and which colour fits this. To do so we needed to cut the atria and ventricles from the hearth, give them an offset and make them in to a solid. This sounds like a pretty straight forward job, it turned out the other way. Because of the very complex shape the parts of the heart has creating an offset in Rhino was a hard task. After a lot of tinkering, mending holes and patching stuff finally it was done. An offset ventricle and atrium on the right and left side. Each part was Boolean differenced with the whole heart so there was no overlap and the atria and ventricle where separate layers so they could both be given an individual colour.

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